Blogging spawns some books

Doctor Xaos is on WINTER BREAK until January 3, 2016. This is a little bitty announcement, and more of them will be arriving along the way.

serpentine1Anyone could have told me that I’d be building a book from the blog eventually, although I seem to have been the last to figure it out. Wow – I’m writing a pretty good, fairly unusual thing in front of your eyes. People who came for the comics get interested in the autobiography, people who came for the autobiography find the comics stuff interesting after all. A lot of the political and cultural perspective is surprising just as itself.

I decided it’d be best as a series of softcover, 6″ x 9″ volumes. If I assign 20 posts per volume, that makes about 150 pages, not a bad chunk actually, and I don’t feel bad to sell them for $10 each. Yeah, that’s $50 for the full set. I’ll do PDFs too for $5 each, free for book purchasers.

For Patreon patrons, I’ll set each volume at the nearest dollar above cost to print. Patrons get the PDFs for free automatically, no book purchase necessary.

The big bummer is that I almost certainly won’t be allowed to use images from Marvel. Or rather, they’d let me but would exert 100% editorial control over what I may say about the material, which I believe is best replied to with go fuck yourself. I have to look into whether stuff from other publishers, particularly absurdly long-gone and out-of-print stuff from publishers who now are unto dust in the wind, is OK to print.

I’ve come up with some cool cover designs using the art taken from my role-playing history, some of which is posted at the blog and some isn’t. I can use that material for interior art as well. I’ll ask some folks from the Clobberin’ Times if I can use their art when it fits.

For the text, I’ll do a little editing and tightening up, correct a few errors, pull together some material that was worked out through a series of blog posts when it makes sense to do so. You can expect an orienting introduction and a bit of original discussion here & there too, and some historical context like a timeline reference for publisher and editorial history, and a similar reference for role-playing games.

If I find that I really want to quote you from the comments or to explicitly paraphrase something you wrote, I’ll get in touch. I’m also thinking of getting some of the people I mention, whether comics creators or fellow role-players, to interject a bit if they’re willing.


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  1. You’ll also want a topical index sorted by blog tag, I assume. I know you said the reorganization is going to take care of grouping things like all the Spider-man posts together, but you’ll still want to highlight secondary linkages, I assume?


    • Don’t get your expectations up about reorganizing. The most important concepts follow a strict linear sequence regardless of tag or category. The third Spider-Man post (to pick one at random) relies just as much on certain prior non-Spider-Man posts as it does on the nominal first and second SM posts. I think I’m triggering deep expectations about “OMG keep the named things together” but my default is to keep the order as written and to provide more than ordinarily useful cross-referencing.

      I may change my mind about that once I see it all laid out in front of me, but I can guarantee that cries of “you have to change the order and put the series together” will kick in my stubbornness and I won’t do it. I have lost all sense of humor about that over the years.


    • … it strikes me that my strict habitual literalness may have ambushed a conversation again. We’ve worked together on indexing and layout before, so if you were maybe offering help, I accept. Some kind of cross-ref and indexing will be involved and I’ll definitely need that help. If you weren’t implying that, however, then no blood no foul.


  2. If possible, please consider an ePub or Mobi format. PDFs are great and all, but e-books are much easier to digest on a Kindle/Nook than a PDF on an iPad, IMO. Heck, I could possibly even offer to help with that; I’ve never done it, but ePub and Mobi are HTML-based, and I web stuff for living.


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