Bringing it on

Doctor Xaos is on WINTER BREAK until January 3, 2016. Here is another announcement of a thing.

One of my favorite books from my childhood was Stan Lee’s Bring on the Bad Guys – in some ways, the seminal work for this blog. It looks like I am finally responding to it as a directive.

Yup – it surprises no one more than me that after a couple months of blogging, I began to think there may be life in the ol’ girl yet, the non-ironic, non-meta, straightforward superhero comic book, structurally inspired by Lee/Ditko and Lee/Kirby in the mid-1960s. “Life” meaning value added, right there, no reliance on reminders of older titles or fictional events. Except … did I say super heroes? Ohhhh no. No no. This is going to be a supervillain endeavor.

I hope to apply a few of the lessons I’ve taught myself on the blog, especially those about starting up too much. “Vision” is best handled right in the moment, not as a grand plan. There is no ‘Verse. I’m going inspiration-first, staying plot-focused, trying different things at once, and letting all setting and arc talk come later, if ever. A ton of things will emerge simply from writer-artist interaction, and from discovering which things work best or become most inspired.

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