One Plus One preview

TopazBustThis is a Winter Break announcement. Regular Doctor Xaos posting resumes January 3, 2016.

Meet Topaz. She’s an ex-Marine Tex-Mex gal with powerz. Meet the Bandit. He’s an aging, notorious supervillain who was just about to retire.

… they fight do crime!

These expert, radicalized bank robbers are the main characters for my and James’ new series One Plus One. The current format is typically me: lean, punchy 10 page stories, going for the knockout. The art is fast, dynamic, and beautiful.

It’s gonna be right here at the blog, a page every Tuesday, starting January 12 – mere moments away!

It’s the first title in my planned line of XAOS COMICS, all featuring villain protagonists. The plan is to release book collections with post-production color and dressing-up, and crowdfunding to get extras in there if that seems like a good idea. But that’s later. The challenge now is to keep busting it out.

I’ve made a lot of bald assertions about superheroes, supervillains, powers, storylines, settings, morals, politics, and readership this past year. Now you’ll get to see what I freaking well mean.

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  1. I love bald assertions. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Puttin’ yer money where your pie-hole is.


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