Eve of construction

Here’s the last Winter Break post for Doctor Xaos. Regular posting resumes January 3, 2016.

A big new year is coming up for me.

My book The Edge of Evolution arrives in early March, as readers of my Man nor Beast blog know. I’ll embark on more post-prof biology activities including offering classes.

This blog is booming too. You can look forward to an extensive debate/dialogue series about vigilante characters between me and Steve Long. The One Plus One comic launches right here in a mere few days. The Doctor Xaos book collections of the previous 100 posts are in revision and layout.

Check out the changes I’ve made to my Patreon page, including some of the other projects too. In its little way this funding stream remains the metabolic support for everything I’m doing, most visibly at the blogs. I thank all the patrons with everything I’ve got and everything I’m doing, and I ask everyone else to consider tossing in a buck or two. Contrary to appearances, the difference it makes is incalculable.

Points if you know who the guy is just to the left of the word balloon, with no looking anything up.

Yay to the return of regular posting now! Next: Stillborn

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