ONE PLUS ONE: I Want In, p. 3

Ron Edwards / Manuela Soriani & Mattia Bulgarelli

Ron Edwards / Manuela Soriani & Mattia Bulgarelli

The song for this page: Goliath, We’re Not Afraid


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  1. I’d like to think we all know the reason for this: the companies don’t think original black characters (or perhaps women characters) will sell, so to garner fan interest the companies have someone ride the coattails of an existing star character.

    Black Goliath, Falcon, Storm, Monica “Captain Marvel” Rambeau, Rage, Sunspot, Cloak (& Dagger), Misty Knight, James “War Machine” Rhodes, Bishop, Brother Voodoo, Prodigy, Patriot, and Night Thrasher have never been able to hold their own books for more than a 4 issues or so.

    Luke Cage obviously had a long run beginning in the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s but disappeared in the middle of the 80’s and didn’t come back for a long time, and so far as I can tell hasn’t held his own title since, though he’s been a very prominent part of various Avengers line-ups in the Bendis period and after.

    I don’t *know* if Blade’s ever had his own title, but God, he really earned it: everyone talks about how the 2000 X-Men movie made super hero movies possible, but it only happened because a black guy came along as an expendable test case and showed there was some money to be made on this whole super hero thing.

    Like, it’s not that these characters don’t exist. They do. And I could TOTALLY dig Falcon, Black Goliath, Captain Marvel, Brother Voodoo solo series if it were done halfway competently and not obviously set up so that “the real guy” takes over later on. But I think, to be at my most charitable, they’ve read the marketplace and decided it’s not worth it when you could print a tenth god-damn Avengers book instead.

    The one character that Marvel has made a sustained effort on is the Black Panther, who (again) never seems to be able to hold his own series for very long but they keep bringing him back, justifiably. I’d really like it if the Coates version of the book finally gets this dude some staying power–apparently it sold like crazy. Hopefully that will have a down-ticket effect on giving more airtime to original minority characters.


  2. Oops this was meant for the “new blackface” thread. Sorry.


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