Sword of God: The Edge, p. 6

Art by Michela Da Sacco

Art by Michela Da Sacco

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  1. Santiago Verón

    Am I reading right? Those lines around his fist, is he about to use his powers?
    I also wonder if the FBI has some countermeasure for dealing with powered people.


    • “About to use,” yes, almost. When he gets going, he kind of smolders, especially from his eyes, and the power manifests as trails or radiating from his hands. That doesn’t mean he has to zap someone or something right away, but he’s certainly fired up for it. Also, that said, there’s no “power up” mechanical component; he could rip out one of those attack-arcs without you seeing the glowies first.

      The color version plays it up hard, using mostly flat and traditional colors except for the power.

      As a rule, the agencies and other real-world entities in my stories are not correspondingly super-powered or ramped up in competence to deal with them. What databases or resources they’ve devoted in that direction have some value, but are as flawed and generally divorced from practical application as they are in real life.


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