Ophite: Gnosis, p. 5

Art: Gennifer Bone & Adam Black

Art: Gennifer Bone & Adam Black

Always the politics!


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  1. Marco Mondragon is the guy with the goatee? A guy with a goatee and “dragon” in his surname sounds evilish to me ^_^


    • I grant you Marco is no special prize to humanity, but the worst thing he ever did was sell some pot.

      As for the beard, beware of tropes. For example, Marco does not have an ailing, appealing, elderly/minor relative who depends on him either. The latter would be insulting to the reader – so would be expecting the reader to think “evil!” just because the guy has facial hair like, say, about a million other guys do.


    • Forgot to mention: Mondragon is a common surname in Mexico, well, not like Gomez, but pretty familiar to everyone. It’s originally Basque, but if anything, associated with a famous participant in the Mexican Revolution. In English, its pronunciation is butchered to MON-druh-gon, with the first and last syllables rhyming with the English “on.” For English speakers, the proper pronunciation is Moan-dra-GOAN, but no one in this story says it that way.


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