Steamrolled by fascists

Ain’t it always the way?

Anyway, two things. First, I planned to post about the role-playing game Marvel Super Heroes, the one from 1983, but … I just discovered that the main rules booklet, the one with character creation and all the FASERIP descriptions by character, isn’t in the box!! Can anyone help please? Email me. I need a digital copy, first edition only, not for ownership, strictly for memory-reference for blog-writing purposes.

Second, I have another post about swastikas and manga almost all set to go, but my good reader Tor Erickson had to go and ask me about fascism in the comments to Stones, smoke, and light. Which at the moment of this writing is now 27 replies in. Please come join in! I’ll finish and pop up the scheduled post as soon as I can.

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  1. Seriously, it needs to be it’s own blog post, if for no other reason than to provide me with a convenient link to share with my friends. It’s filling in a lot of gaps for me, and I know others for whom it would do the same. Feel free to edit, trim, or cut any of my comments if you decide to turn it into something official.

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