It’s not called “Comics Sanity” you know

It’s been a while! I’m going to use the blog regularly again, to support my three current projects concerning superheroes. Yeah, three. Insert the accompanying image into temple, sideways, then twist.

As a personal update, my family and I have been living in Sweden for one whole year, as of last week. I’m a permanent resident, and I even started my own business, called Adept Play, for which, you know, go ahead and sign up at the Patreon if you can – same one that’s featured here. I’m also going to add a category here for occasional blog posts about my new life with its insights and quirks. Very bloggy actually, not something I had previously contemplated doing.

But back to the business, in which Adept Play (me) is now working on some things for various role-playing companies.

  • Champions Now, with Hero Games, in Kickstarter mode even as we speak. If you connect with me mainly via this blog, feel free to ask things and otherwise contribute if you’re involved, right here.
  • (working title) Cosmic Zap, for another well-known RPG company which is this close to letting me talk about it. The title ought to let you know what I have in mind. We’re playtesting already, and seeing five people’s brains blow open simultaneously on-screen was too much fun, as you’ll see for yourself when I finish editing that video.
  • Vigil, featured here and which underwent some wonderful playtesting with Steve Long and Ram Hull, to be published by me (Adept Press), one of these days.

Anyway, now I must run and deal with any/all of the above things – but beware! Comics Madness lives again!


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  1. Jay William Dugger

    Congratulations on surviving your first Scandinavian winter!

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  2. Welcome back, Ron. Looking forward to hearing about Sweden and your various encounters, cosmic and otherwise. Your blog needs a true RSS feed (not just “Follow on WordPress), and the RSS feed should include the post’s entire text, not a truncated version.

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  3. In your 3e sessions that you’re posting videos of, are you using only the 3e core rulebook, plus maybe a couple of things from the supplements? That’s the impression I’m getting.

    (edited a typo – RE)

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    • For the St. Louis game, that’s right. Pretty much 3rd core out of the gate, allowing for not really using a battle map, and cherry-picking Champions II and Champions III.

      For the San Antonio game, not yet fully edited and to be posted soon, we’re using the playtest document I included at the Kickstarter. That has a few bona fide rules changes.

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      • I did note the rules changes. Some of them are giving me ideas. And some of the constraint is giving me ideas. (For instance, there’s no Precognition in 3e, anywhere. Naturally I want to create a precognitive character. I’m pretty sure I know how I’m going to achieve at least the 200-250 point version.)

        I liked Energy Strike as well, so I’m thinking martial artist type. (Codename Greenstick, for reasons you’ll soon see…) At least one 10-point overall level, special effect: precognitive anticipation, plus Danger Sense. Part of his precognitive ability makes him especially effective in limb strikes. I know, no hit location chart in 3e! A Multipower with Power Drain: STR, Power Drain: Running, Power Drain: Extra Limb, maybe one or two others, all of those with the Energy Strike and Destructive Advantages.

        And as many points as I can afford of additional Presence for Presence attacks only (limitation?), the special effect of which is the effect of seeing a target’s limb flexing backwards, along with the accompanying *crunch*. Thus the codename. (See also the Saturday Night Live Jared Schleff injury skit.)

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        • “Let me tell you about my Champions character…” I’ve done a *lot* of that before, but not in a long, long time!


        • I completely agree with your precognition build. The limb strike thing seems weird to me as a priority for so much building, name or not, but hey, other people’s weird is part of the fun in this game.

          I just realized it works so much better to talk about this rules set if you don’t capitalize the fictional part at all. Then you build it with Capitalized Rules Terms and don’t stress that your “power” isn’t in the rules, because NO power is in the rules.

          I anticipated people would struggle with this, as in, it’s an object so it must be a Focus … despite really extensive text in the core book trying to get people past that. Maybe that little trick will help. One guy builds powered armor as a Focus because he wants to see those rules operating in play, another guy builds it as Only in Hero ID instead, and another builds it with no Limitation. They’re all powered armor in play.

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