Doom it!

I’ve been doing this long enough for some productive recursion, both in content and real life. My very first post at this blog concerned the political context for Doctor Doom in the early 60s, once the creators bumped him up out of generic or improvised foe status into genuine villainy. Soon after that, I posted about my acquaintance with Joe Culp in high school, in tenuous reference to his role as Doom in the 1994 movie.

Well, things do move on. I posted a lot more at the blog, and given that initial post, found myself back in contact with Joe, so he visits the blog to read a thing or two sometimes, and then a bit later, we found we’d both moved to Europe, so it seems a high school acquaintance has turned into a really great friendship. And who should be so pleased as myself to see that his history with the film, and the film’s relationship to comics-company history as well as to the source material, is now seeing a revival and appreciation.

For once, a blog post that’s not all about me!! Please enjoy:



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