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The Big Bang: The Punisher, 1986-Present

The vigilantism, third in the me / Steve Long series beginning with Eat hot lead, comics reader and What was the questions, again?, continues with further Punisher talk from …

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Fill in the blank

blank6I get to claim coolness for a brief period in my life. It’d be about 1994 through 1999, the latter-day Ph.D. and young prof years, Read the rest of this entry

The game you never heard of

hdgReaders who remember the Forge will recall my insatiable appetite for obscure role-playing games, and my frequent anger at RPG culture for unforgivably ignoring their accomplishments. I have Paul Czege to thank for cluing me into the unforgettable Heroic Do-Gooders and Dastardly Deed-Doers by Mathew and Wesley van Dinter, 1995, and this post is intended to bring its virtues into the light, in the service of the greater good.

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What was the question again?

question22This is the second in a series of dialogue-posts by me and Steve Long about vigilante characters in comics, mainly during but not completely restricted to the 1980s. More 80s TMI about me too!

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The true stalwart

countgeigerThis one’s about more prose versions of superheroes, specifically Michael Bishop’s novel, Count Geiger’s Blues.

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Splendid little wars

ldwar1I hadn’t planned on making a series about Vietnam War veterans in comics, but it’s happening anyway, Read the rest of this entry

Sex and sex and sex and sex

xxx1It is going to be most tricky to keep this one SFW. Even saying “embedded” regarding the links makes me snort and snuffle with laughter. Don’t click, people, don’t click!

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Eat hot lead, comics reader

This is first in a series on comic book vigilantes, focusing mainly on but not limited to the 1980s. It’s a tag-team thing: each post is written either by me or the estimable Steven S. Long, and ended with the other’s response Read the rest of this entry


newuniverse2This is the fourth post in my accidental series regarding several retries to recapture the early Marvel spirit, including Give me liberty, I, said the Fly, Striking twice, some day, and here, as promised at last, the New Universe.

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