“I Am I”

Here are the 14 pages we did for Intruder! The prior post, Intruder alert, told you about the very beginning of this collaboration between me and Scott LeMien, and this one is about the very end. After this, I’ll show you the guts about how it was done.

Before you start scrolling, stop a minute and consider how awesome Scott’s art is. Especially since I insisted on staying with that (his) Ditko inspiration with a dense, underground-style, totally unacceptable, ranty, infographic, non-representational design, as well as saying, over and over, “the readers who deserve to get it will, and fuck all the other people sideways.” Stuck as he was with a deranged anti-comics-is-storytelling maniac, he brought it hard.

(Here is my mean Kubert-Kubrick stare) So look hard.

That’s what I considered finished in terms of what Scott and I agreed to do at the outset. However, there’s more! Here’s the link to the 20-page physical version ($2.17 print; free PDF) that Scott put together afterwards, including a cover, a new frontispiece (so 15 total pages of comics), and 5 text pages at the end, all of these collaborative with me. I suppose you could properly call this the actual publication; in case you’re interested, the money goes to Scott. If you want to pay me to do more comics, please consider my Patreon.

The next posts are about our process, which is similar to how I worked on the previous comics attempts. I’ll show you what went in, what happened to it, how certain things are reserved for later steps, and how it gets finished. Get ready to defy certain things “everyone knows” about correct page and panel design, or the repeated notion of writer as little-muscles scripter and artist as the big-muscles animator.


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Game author and publisher via Adept Press / Biology author and former professor

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  1. I just wanted to include a link to my favorite panel that never made it to the comic (it was a part of a likeness/consistency pass, I believe). I even liked my own hand lettering better and the eye is, I guess, one of my generic mean eyes I’ve been drawing since I was 13 or so:


    Thanks for posting these, Ron!


  2. oberon the fool

    Holy shit, good stuff you guys! I love the AI’s phantasmal appearance, and the Tolkien names for the corporations or whatever. Poor sidekicks, though =\


    • Scott knocked it out of the park on the AI. It’s even a great nod to the classic stretchy character design (Plastic Man, et cetera) without making a big deal of it.

      It so happens that all those companies and names are real, exactly as depicted. Peter Thiel has a thing for Tolkien.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Total non-comics side track … “Palantir” was the name of a tech company back in the mid/late-80’s, that became Calera which was then bought by Caere. A good friend worked there for years – they did early OCR (optical character recognition). For whatever reason, it pisses me off that the name is now attached to a Big Data company. And apparently I needed to say so.


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